Questions? We’ll do our best to give you some decent answers.

We don’t offer reservations for dining, so please walk on in for food. But we do offer reservations for our simulators and we recommend booking ahead of time. While we keep some simulators available for walk-ins, we’d hate to disappoint you if you came in and we were all booked up. While not required, reserving in advance ensures you’ll have a spot.

We will. Stay tuned!

Absolutely. We promise you and your friend will have a good time. There’s something cathartic about whacking a ball with a club, even if it doesn’t go more than 10 yards. Plus, we have games and all sorts of tricks to amp up your friend’s game. We also have drinks. Good ones. So at worst, your friend is lounging in one of our cozy couches with a drink in hand while socializing and watching you crush your drive. Not so bad.

Nope, come as you are. Just don’t show up in the nude.

You sure can, but you certainly don’t have to. Each bay comes with a set of men’s and women’s clubs that are included with the cost of the simulator rental. And we hate leaving people out so we also have a set of lefties available upon request.

Yes – kiddos are welcome. We have highchairs, changing tables, and even clubs for the future tour players. But anyone under the age of 18 must be supervised by a guardian at all times.

Of course. Our chef is legit and our drinks are on par. The golf may bring you in the first time, but we think the food and drink will bring you back.

One person can typically play a round of 18 in an hour. With that math, a foursome can usually play 18 holes in about 4 hours. Less if no one gets distracted by the beer and wings.