Golf is fun. Golf plus music, drinks, and food is even better. Our game is golf with all the things you wish you could do on the course. Tee up barefoot, in high heels, or sneakers. Heckle in your opponent’s backswing, sip on a cocktail, and grab a bite. Take a selfie or a mulligan . . . on every hole.


We might play a little differently here, but we still love the game, which is why our technology is the closest thing to the real deal. With fancy cameras and tracking capabilities, our best-in-class simulators can report back on just about anything involving your swing and ball flight. They turn an hour at Thr3 Jack into the best of range sessions.


Our six simulators feature over 70 world-famous courses allowing you to play the game in places you never thought possible. Pebble Beach or St. Andrews before heading to work on Monday morning? Sure thing. Not into courses and ranges? Play putt putt underwater or simulated bags in the backyard. The point is, golf at Thr3 Jack is so much more than a scorecard.